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Plunge in: Escaping the city

September 16, 2020

Nestled in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, Daylesford is rich in the treasures of the alpine. Geographically breath-taking, alluvial soils and lush terrain give way to it’s famous, mineral springs.

An attraction for anyone seeking a sense of well-being and a refuge from the city, escape the hustle and bustle and the stresses of everyday living. 115 km north-west of Melbourne, our little town is the perfect place to weekend-away, wander or unwind with a restorative spa treatment.

We recommend:

Endota Day Spa

Indulge: Located at the rear of Frangos, weekend away with the added indulgence of a day spa on site. From organic facials to hot rock massages, peels, body wraps and more, Endota Day Spa offer four treatment rooms attended by expert therapists, with package bookings available to couple and groups.

Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve

Drink: While in the region, visit the Mineral Spring Reserve for naturally clean, clear mountain water. Whether you take along vessels to bottle or simply visit this extraordinary natural resource, you’ll never regret drinking water so pure and refreshing.

Lake Daylesford

Bask: With higher altitudes comes cool, clear air and a richly textured landscape. Where the forest meet the water’s edge, amble around Lake Daylesford, basking in the beauty of nature and its display. From golden overlays in autumn to wildflowers in spring, seasonal shifts are not only spectacular but a wonder of the township.

Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa
Bathe: Schedule some R&R at the bathhouse. With spa and relaxation pools to more specialised treatments, therapies and services, restore the body and spirit as your waste a day soaking in rejuvenating waters.